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Registered Charity Number 1061359

Update - Team Sheppard's Polar Challenge 2010 - Race starts
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Team Sheppard is attempting the world's toughest challenge by racing 350miles across the High Arctic to the Magnetic North Pole competing in temperatures reaching as low as minus 45 degrees. During the Polar Challenge I will be battling against extreme dangers such as falling through thin ice, hypothermia, severe frostbite & encountering one of the world’s most dangerous predators - The Polar Bear.

During the extreme event and the build up 2010 race, Team Sheppard will be raising money & awareness to support the Winston's Wish. Also achieving Team Sheppard's ultimate aim...
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...wanting to make a difference to children's lives.
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Follow Team Sheppard as he undertakes the toughest race in the world by attempting the High Arctic Polar Challenge 2010. Team Sheppard's ultimate aims - 'To raise money by supporting Winston's Wish and to make a difference to children's lives'. Keep updated with the latest information on Team Sheppard by visiting his blog and following his pre-training progress.

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